Available Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities!  

event sponsorships

Test Your Skills at Operation

Attendees get three times to remove a body part without the buzzer going off! Each time they do, they get a chance to win a cash prize! As the sponsor, you can be present during the game to cheer everyone on and hand out the tickets!


Sponsor the Hotel Room Key Cards

Each guest staying over will receive a custom hotel room key card with your logo. Key card design is your choice with MAIA's approval.


Water Station

Water stations will have bottles available displaying your logo. There will be six stations located around the Big Event area.


Play a Board game from the 60's!

An area will be set aside in the Grand Ballroom Foyer to allow participants to sit and enjoy a game from the past.


Caricature Lounge

Attendees have their caricature drawn by a professional.


Saturday Afternoon Walk Around

Dressed in theme, an individual will walk around to each afternoon class with tasty treats to hand out. Your logo will be displayed on the carrier.


General Sponsorship

Available in various increments.

Starting at $1,000

That's A wrap!

Take advantage of branding opportunities that wrapping escalators, doors, etc., can provide. Contact Kathleen Murphy to discuss.

Price Varies

Staff Shirts

MAIA Staff shirts with your logo on the sleeve.



Provide WIFI to attendees.


Name Badges & Lanyards

Sponsor the name badges and lanyards with your logo on all exhibitor and attendee badges and lanyards!


Welcome Gifts

Provide a welcome gift to each All Access Pass holder at registration and to the CSRs attending on Saturday.


Food Functions & receptions

Thursday Breakfast

Provide breakfast on Thursday.


Thursday Lunch

Provide lunch on Thursday.


Thursday Reception

Opportunity to address attendees at Thursday night's reception. Includes customized cocktail napkins.


Friday Breakfast

Provide breakfast on Friday.


Friday Lunch & Keynote Speaker

Provide lunch for Friday's Gourmet Luncheon.


Friday Reception

Opportunity to address attendees at Friday night's reception. Includes customized cocktail napkins.


Saturday Breakfast

Provide breakfast on Saturday.


Saturday Lunch

Provide lunch on Saturday.


Saturday Lunch entertainment

Provide entertainment during Saturday's lunch.


Saturday Closing Reception

Provide appetizers and entertainment for Saturday night's closing reception.


Sunday Breakfast & Program

Provide breakfast on Sunday and sponsor the morning's program.


Programming sponsorships

MAIA's Mobile Event App

Sponsor the Big Event mobile app used by attendees to locate the daily schedule, event map and more!



Customized guide for each day of the event that is distributed to all attendees.

Thursday - $3,000

Friday - SOLD!

Saturday - SOLD!


Your name/logo will appear on the session signage and the schedule. You can have a member of your team introduce the instructor!

$1,600 per session

Half Day Programs

Your name/logo will appear on the session signage and the schedule. You can have a member of your team introduce the instructor!


Tommy McDonald - Principal Only Events!

Join Tommy McDonald, Managing Director of MarshBerry's Financial Advisory Division, and sponsor one of his principal-only sessions:

  1. Insurance Agency 101: Essentials for Success in the Insurance Industry - SOLD!
  2. Unveiling the Current Landscape: Why Growth Matters
    $3,000 - AVAILABLE!

Matthew O'Neill - Talent/Sales Management Program

Join Matthew O’Neill, TRA, the Chief Experience Officer of CX Synergy and Director of Customer Experience for GMG Insurance., and sponsor his talent/sales management program:

  1. Gain Control Over Commoditization with the Trusted Risk Advisor Method
  2. Leveraging LinkedIn: Mastering Connections and Content for New Business

$2,000 for both sessions!

Bobbie Fernandez - Performance Programs

Join Bobbie Fernandez, Performance Partner at Agency Performance Partners, and sponsor one or both of her performance programs:

  1. Road to 96% Retention - SOLD!

  2. Ten Agency Leadership Challenges & How to Start Preparing for Them - $5,000 - AVAILABLE!

Speed Mentoring for Women in Insurance

Support this program designed to provide women in insurance an opportunity to be mentored by successful female executives within the field.


MAIA's Premier AILP Programs

3 full-day programs. Opportunity to address attendees at class start. Event signage includes the sponsors' logo.


P&C Licensing Class

2-day P&C Licensing class to prepare participants to take and pass the state's licensing exam.


MAIA's Annual Meeting

MAIA's Annual Meeting gives an overview of priority projects for MAIA and IIABA including awards presentations and the installment of new officers and board members.


Saturday BINGO!

Sponsor an hour-long game of Bingo on Saturday - always a hit!


exhibit hall sponsorships

Exhibitor Upgrade Package

Want to really stand out from the crowd at the Trade Show? Add on an Exhibitor Upgrade Package!

Upgrade package includes:
• Full page advertisement in the Digital Program Showcase.
• Venue branding on escalator, column, or door cling!
• Digital Banner in MassAgent with Booth Number.
• Additional presence on the mobile app, website, and digital program!

$2,500 (8 available) *Price is in addition to the purchase of your booth space.

Friday: Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar

Provide trade show attendees with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa on the exhibit floor on Friday.


Friday: Afternoon Cocktail

Provide attendees with an afternoon cocktail on Friday! Cocktail to be decided with sponsor input.


Saturday: Afternoon Not Hash Brownie Break!

Hash brownies would be appropriate for the 60's but we have to behave! Provide a brownie treat for attendees.


Saturday: S&H Green Stamp Exhibitor Program

Attendees will head to your booth, answer a trivia question about your company or product, and collect S&H Green Stamps from you. Those filling their booklets will be entered into a prize drawing!

*If you purchase an Exhibitor Upgrade, you can take advantage of this sponsorship for $400

$500 (10 available!)

Saturday: Guess the number of Super Balls!

How many Super Balls can someone have?! Two stations in the trade show hall will have Super Balls in a jar. Participants will guess how many balls are in the jar. The closest guess to the actual number wins $100!


Saturday: Tarot Card Readings

On Saturday, experience a tarot card reading and see where your personal journey will take you!


Advertisement Opportunities:

Showcase your services/products to all attendees as they walk by our TWO 75” display screens showing your advertisement!

75" Screen Advertisement on TWO Displays - $550

Not seeing the sponsorship or advertisement you were hoping for? Additional sponsorship & advertising opportunities are available as well!

Please get in touch with Kathleen Murphy at [email protected] or 508-634-7378!