AILP Issues: Commercial Liability


8:00 am

4:00 pm

* "Who is an insured" issues such as why the request for CG 20 11 Managers or Lessors of premises?
* Contractors, Owners, and Developers issues such as CG 20 33, CG 20 10, and CG 20 38, specified vs. automatic; what's the difference? Why the request for older editions vs. newer editions? What is "arising out of"?
* AI vs. NI: Is there a difference?
* Indemnitee vs. AI status
* Primary and non-contributory or not
* Limits – How much is enough? Amending the limits, designated project or premises, aggregate limit amendments, products, and completed operations redefined and why
* Miscellaneous issues such as the statute of limitations vs. statutes of repose, waiver of subrogation provision vs. endorsement, wrap-ups and your client, certificate of insurance issues and problems