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Raleigh DePriest


Born and raised in the greater Boston area, Raleigh DePriest is a new Master's grad and Mental Health counselor. With a background in performing arts and gymnastics, Raleigh was fascinated by the Flow Arts collective on their campus at UMass Amherst in their undergrad endeavors and quickly picked up a hula hoop among other flow props and began learning. Since then, Raleigh has made her way to performing and teaching flow arts at music festivals and venues across New England. One of their greatest achievements was creating Boston Based Flow Toupe, which ran from the end of 2018 to 2020 before COVID-19 paused all performances for some time. Recently, Raleigh has returned to fire flow arts and is set to teach and hopefully perform again locally and afar. Raleigh is excited to bring the art of hula hooping basics and spread the joy of circus arts to all.