Paul Hughes


Paul Hughes is a Line & Ballroom Dance Instructor and teaches group classes at various senior, recreation, and community centers throughout MetroWest Boston. His mission, purpose, and passion in life is to offer something of value and meaning to others that will enhance and transform people's lives for the better through sharing the many positive physical, mental, and social benefits of dancing. Steps in Line,1,cfPKIVP8kQxYH0Xo1cmrgbqY3Hr_ztVehpkHX6VauzB72EIYamNau3wFoKlZerQT0igTHvIuXo_HQ-VAdC0UpHFsbWkBNCSGRR_qCjEh1HpSx3nKeKnjWaQdh3sC&typo=1 Ballroom Basics provides classes and private instruction in Ballroom, Latin and Swing style of dances for Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Wedding Couples and Line Dance.,1,zmhVn6NcCKe-Jgosws6srWhxIAbtzDqyGkl6QErZ9uDov_1zSVMWuwzcPmNBJvS6JupF0LCpQBLNTF0-RwM4KAWK8zBTBuTLfpX4jLMp3pQ,&typo=1