Nadeen headshot cropped

Nadeen Vella

Principal: Navella Insurance

Nadeen is the founder and CEO of NaVella Insurance. She brings over 17 years of the insurance experience in various industry roles. In 2022 she left corporate America to start NaVella Insurance, a woman own insurance agency located in Boston, MA from scratch. Leveraging her diverse background and expertise (which includes claims, agency, and carrier business development experience), her firm works diligently with high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families to protect their most valuable assets and preserve their wealth by utilizing and leveraging the power of insurance. Nadeen brings a fresh approach and process when it comes to the topic of insurance and is on a mission to empower anyone she meets to think differently about this important tool. In 2023 she expanded her services to include insurance consulting and group coaching for insurance industry professionals.