Melissa Gilbo

CEO: Women's Business League & Melissa Gilbo Consulting

I've always known that I was meant for more. And here I am living my dream as an entrepreneur, building a national brand and helping business women reach their full potential in the process and I am loving it! Once I started my entrepreneurial journey, there was no stopping me and that’s how I’ve always been. When I’m passionate about something—I put my whole heart and soul in. That mentality has led me to where I am now—CEO and Co-Founder of Women’s Business League (WBL) + launching my own business as Melissa Gilbo Consulting. In just a few short years, I helped grow WBL from a local, networking group to an elite national network attracting extraordinary businesswomen from across the country. I went from an employee working a J-O-B to a heart-centered leader & CEO, building communities, a brand & changing the game for entrepreneurs everywhere. The crazy thing is I started WBL to generate clients for my insurance job, but instead it nudged me onto my entrepreneurial journey, and I've never looked back. WBL was born to create a strong supportive network for women in business through connection, opportunity, and community. As I was growing the WBL community, I found my passion for helping others succeed in their business. I created my consulting business to be able to continue the conversations, to help more people bring their vision to life, become visible, build a brand and energize them to take massive action. My journey has also brought out the marketer, the advocate, and the thought leader in me. A complete reinvention of myself and I'm creating a life I love on my terms and helping other powerful leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners do the same. To those goal getters and dream chasers, I want you to know—it is possible. Everything that you’re doing--I’ve done it, too! Keep showing up. Keep investing in yourself so you can do what you love AND make a living and an impact. Melissa Gilbo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Women’s Business League and CEO and Founder of Melissa Gilbo Consulting. Trustee with Awesome Georgetown, a global experiment in community philanthropy and Board Member of Walk by Moonlight, an initiative to promote and support local businesses/organizations/talents. PANDAS/PANS advocate.