Matthew O’Neill

Chief Experience Officer: CX Synergy

Matthew O’Neill, TRA, is the Chief Experience Officer of CX Synergy and Director of Customer Experience for GMG Insurance. For over ten years, Matt has worked with small, regional, and national organizations and associations to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve the employee experience. Matt focuses on transforming the customer experience journey, from brand awareness through sales and service to drive growth, increase customer lifetime value, and create lasting brand loyalty. As Director of Customer Experience for GMG Insurance, Matt analyzes stakeholder engagement with the brand, both online and in-person, and works closely with all departments to deliver training and education on “predict and prevent” risk mitigation strategies and tactics. He also acts as a risk advisor, supporting the implementation of the GMG Advantage process for prospective and current clients. Prior to CX Synergy and GMG Insurance, Matt advocated for the insured by coaching and consulting with independent agencies and carrier organizations. He provided training to accelerate growth, increase new business production, and develop high-performing agents, brokers, and carrier teams. He also supported the fourth largest independent insurance agency network in the US with clients across the country, Canada, and the UK. Matt has been featured extensively in magazines and podcasts. He is the author of A Journey to CXSynergy, a monthly LinkedIn newsletter focused on enhancing insurance industry perception and credibility using customer experience strategies.