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Lynn George

: Service Dog Project

I have been part of the Service Dog Project since. I returned full time to SDP as the Director of Operations in September 2020. I have a vast knowledge of dog training. I did confirmation and obedience showing with my first two danes, Zeus and Athena, both achieved their CD’s. I worked with different trainers to learn different ways of training from happy voice, clicker training all the way up to police dog training. I also assisted in Great Dane Rescue in the tri-states for approximately 7 years. I rescued, rehabilitated, trained, and found forever homes for well over 100 Danes. It was common to have between 7 to 12 Great Danes in my house at once. All knowing who the Alpha was … me. When my youngest daughter was born, I gave up bringing rescue dogs into my house whereas it was a liability with my daughter being so young. I still had 7 of my own Danes at this time. I am currently owned by three Great Danes, Watson, Gabby and the newest addition, Bianca who are all part of the Service Dog Project and a lab/mix named Colton. Colton is quite the character who does not realize he is not a dane. I worked in the mortgage industry for over 28 years, 5 years as a manager in hospitality. I discovered I like talking to dogs more than complaining customers.