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Everett Shaw

Business Appraiser and Management Consultant:

Mr. Shaw serves as a financial adviser to the owners and managers of privately held companies, and in particular to insurance organizations. The subjects on which he advises are business valuation; the development of business value; mergers, acquisitions and other combinations and alliances; internal ownership transfer and business-continuity planning; owner-executive compensation; sales-related topics, including compensation, employment agreements, and independent-contractor arrangements; strategic planning; and conflict resolution. In the course of his time at BHBCo, Mr. Shaw has performed hundreds of appraisals of insurance agencies and related books of business, many on behalf of financial institutions, insurance carriers, and individuals looking to enter the insurance-agency industry. He also conducts business appraisals for independent parties in connection with ESOPs, tax support, litigation support, and assessment of goodwill impairment, and has been qualified as an expert witness in business valuation. In addition to performing the functions mentioned above, and as a result of his involvement in numerous agency and book-of-business purchase-and-sale transactions, he has participated in the drafting and review of many purchase-and-sale agreements and employment agreements, including contracts for producers and independent-contractors, and various other insurance-agency-related contracts. He is a frequent speaker on the valuation and management of independent agencies, and has served as speaker, seminar leader, and panelist at numerous insurance-industry conventions and seminars.