Colleen Head Shot

Colleen Ormsby

Principal: Safe Harbor Insurance Agency

A self-proclaimed “Insurance Geek,” Colleen Ormsby began her career at a Cape Cod Insurance Agency in 1987 and soon figured out that she could really have a lot of fun with insurance! After remaining with that agency for nearly twenty years, Colleen was offered the opportunity to move the Company side of the insurance industry and accepted the position of Underwriting Manager at Barnstable County Mutual Insurance Company. During her 10 years there, she developed an understanding of various types of insurance risk, how insurance can be used to transfer the risk to another party, and how the insurance consumer can take steps to mitigate and absorb risk as a tool in their overall financial strategy. She worked closely with the Claims department to recognize trends, identify policy and purchasing shortcomings that negatively affected claim payments, and share with insurance agents techniques to avoid negative claim outcomes. Sharing this knowledge to guide insurance agents on risk placement techniques became not only her strength but her favorite part of the job. Colleen realized that working directly with consumers to build an insurance program based on an understanding of exposures, identification of gaps in coverage, and a commonsense approach to premium allocation is really where it’s at! That realization brought her back to the Agency side of the business in 2015 when she joined the team at Safe Harbor Insurance Agency to offer insurance solutions to a select market of personal and commercial clients. After three years at Safe Harbor, Colleen teamed with Donna Barr to purchase the agency and has now fulfilled a long-time dream of being an agency owner.