Beth Whitney

Owner: Fitness Unlimited

At 12 years old Beth Whitney took up running, realized she absolutely loved to exercise, and never looked back. You could say she just about grew up at Fitness Unlimited. She joined the Club as a teenager, got certified as an instructor while in college, and taught classes after graduation part-time at Fitness. Her full-time career at the time was in finance, after graduating from the Isenberg School of Management at UMASS Amherst in 1988. But her true passion – fitness and nutrition – brought her back to Fitness Unlimited. In 1992 Beth joined the Fitness team in its Brookline location learning every aspect of the business over her 13 years there. When her family moved to Hingham in 2005, Beth was promoted to General Manager in Milton. Fifteen years later she and her long-time co-manager of the Club, Cindy McCarthy, bought Fitness from the prior owner upon his retirement. She couldn’t be more excited to help change women’s lives one member at a time. She believes wholeheartedly that creating a lifestyle that incorporates exercise, healthy eating and friendships with women will lead to a happier and healthier life! She loves to teach her studio classes, and is passionate about the nutrition program she helped launch at the Club and continues to run quarterly. When not working, you can find Beth hanging with her husband and catching up with friends. Whenever possible, she and her husband visit their sons (ages 27 and 24) who currently live out of state. Beth loves to travel, ski, and play pickleball as often as possible. And yes, she continues to run!