Andy Neary headshot

Andy Neary

Founder: Complete Game Consulting

Andy is a former professional baseball player turned insurance adviser and business coach. As an undersized pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, Andy saw, first-hand, what it took to excel at the sport's highest level. Lacking the ideal measurements for a pitcher, Andy leveraged unshakeable drive and discipline, and a set of consistent daily habits to become a professional athlete. Today, Andy utilizes the lessons he learned on the mound to help insurance professionals build the mindset, skills and habits needed for success. In 2019, he founded Complete Game Consulting, a coaching and training company. He routinely advises insurance professionals and agencies on marketing and branding strategy and is a sought-after keynote speaker for events and podcasts dedicated to helping insurance professionals reach their potential. Andy is Host of the Bullpen Sessions: A Podcast For Insurance Professionals Driven To Reach Their Full Potential. Each week, Andy interviews subject matter experts and shares tips from the Complete Game Marketing Playbook to give insurance professionals the mindset and tactics it takes to win today. Andy was also a contributing author to the Amazon Best Seller, Breaking Through the Status Quo: How Innovative Companies Are Changing The Benefits Game To Help Their Employees And Boost Their Bottom Line. Andy resides in South-central Wisconsin.