Your Questions…Miscellaneous Personal Lines


8:45 am

9:45 am

Part of our jobs is answering member questions or at least giving a point of view!

I had a customer call me today because last year, and I could not get her a better rate on her home because of her insurance score (credit score). She says it's not legal.

In the State of MA, is an insurance company required to mail the Mortgagee a copy of a new or renewal policy?

Our office has different opinions about who can sign applications, declarations, binders, certs & RTA's. We want to know who is right!

Buildings under construction and the DP policy - can it be done?

Agent asked - doesn't the dwelling fire policy provide some loss of rent? Dwelling policies and surplus lines - beware of endorsements added.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! See you at the convention for more scenarios, and feel free to bring your own!