Your Questions…Commercial Property or BOP


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Part of our jobs is answering member questions or at least giving a point of view!

A question on the BOP and fire legal liability and that broadened tenant's endorsement, what does it do?

I see more and more contracts for sewer line projects, water lines, process piping, electrical work, and plumbing projects where engineers request builders' risk coverage instead of installation floaters. My insured has an installation floater.

We have a condo association insured on an all-in policy, and you wouldn't believe what the bank asks us for!

Leases want a tenant in a multi-occupancy building to insure all inside. My headache is that leases are getting complicated and uncoverable under tenants' policies. What to do?

I have a plastic surgery office that incurred a covered water damage loss in October to one of her three procedure rooms. The repairs took two months to complete; therefore, two procedure rooms were used, and one room could not be used. The insurer is arguing about what is and is not lost revenue.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg in the complicated world of commercial lines! See you at the convention for more scenarios, and feel free to bring your own!