Your Questions…Massachusetts Auto


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12:15 pm

Part of our jobs is answering member questions or at least giving a point of view!

I was under the impression that Part 4 paid for other people's property damage on a replacement cost basis. The carrier for the at-fault party is NOT offering replacement cost loss settlement.

Do you have any information regarding an insured renting a car through TURO?

If a customer is renting a motorized RV, will their MA PL Auto policy coverages extend to the RV, as it does when renting or using a car you don't own?

A client is traveling to the US Virgin Islands (a US territory) and asks if his MA auto policy coverage would cover a car rented there. If it does, are there any concerns about doing this?

We have a customer who recently purchased a rooftop tent valued at approximately $3500. This item is installed on the roof of our customer's Honda CRV and will be used for a road trip in August. The underwriter advised they would only offer coverage if it were attached to a pickup or van but not on the CRV.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! See you at the convention for more scenarios, and feel free to bring your own!