Your Questions…Homeowners


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Part of our jobs is answering member questions or at least giving a point of view!

MPIUA's $1 million cap and the Special Loss Settlement Endorsement HO 04 56. The underwriter suggested it - what do I need to know?

The Insured is inquiring if they were to rent their home out this summer as an Air BNB, would coverage under the HO-3 be applicable?

We have been questioning if MPIUA has an exclusion for Host Liquor Liability. Someone brought it to our attention, but we have read the policy form and need help seeing where it is excluded on the form. Can you help?

I have an insured who has spent a lot of money installing a new in-ground pool and some other hardscapes, such as landscape pavers. Is hardscape covered?

Is a relative who lives in the in-law apartment over the garage an insured under the owner's HO policy?

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! See you at the convention for more scenarios, and feel free to bring your own!