Your Questions…General Liability


10:15 am

11:15 am

Part of our jobs is answering member questions or at least giving a point of view!

I insure a Restaurant under their corporation name. The insured has bought the land and building under an LLC. Is there any reason I would not change the policy to have the Corp and LLC as Named Insured (common ownership)?

On a BOP, is there standard language that speaks to Completed Operations and the length of time an insured has coverage for such after a policy is canceled?

I have an occurrence-based CGL policy for an Electrician. The insured is battling Brain Cancer, so understandably, he has not worked since June 2020. He wants to cancel his policy but is concerned about a claim arising from work he has already done.

I am trying to understand the loading and unloading provision in the GL. We have a claim filed where a Peloton was being delivered by one of our trucking clients.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg in the complicated world of commercial lines! See you at the convention for more, and feel free to bring your own scenarios!