Finishing First


9:00 am

4:00 pm

Finishing First is a one-day skill enhancement workshop for producers who understand the importance of performing at their highest level. The program is focused on the qualities that will set you apart in delivering a meaningful customer experience journey.

You Will Learn:
Your Credibility Statement and Unique Value Proposition
Learn how to design and deliver a value proposition that appeals to your customer's strongest decision-making drivers and creates a sense of urgency about learning more about you and the solutions provided.

Building Relationships that Last
Design and build a network of supportive individuals who trust and respect you and appreciate your unique value proposition. Discover the 10 proven steps to networking success and begin to discover your customer' goals, passions, and struggles. Learn how to open the door for an intense and lasting relationship - an emotional connection that transcends price and product.

The Customer Experience Journey
Discover how to separate yourself from the be different. Learn the six essential steps to a differentiated customer experience journey that make the customer feel important, understood, heard, and respected.

New Business Hit Ratio
Scott Addis, CEO of Beyond Insurance, developed $100+ million of premiums with a 95% hit ratio using a proprietary "prospect qualification matrix." He will share his process and show you how to screen out commodity shoppers so you can achieve a 90% or better new business success ratio.