A Year of ‘Other’ Personal Residential Questions and Answers


2:30 pm

3:30 pm

So many questions so little time …but we’ll look at
We have a debate here in our office regarding when or if a Personal
Umbrella would come into play….what say you

Trusts, houses and cars …and what do we do about an Umbrella?

Is the DP better than the BOP for a rental property?’

I have a questions on the DP-3 and ordinance or law coverage, can you

How would you write a 2 family duplex that is a condo association. Would
you write a BOP of a Dwelling Fire?

Is it true that now in MA all condo associations by law need to carry all-in
coverage, they just don’t always include betterments and

A veritable plethora of PUP, dwelling and condo questions …see you